Cornwall NY Business Consulting

Marge Fleck Professional Advisors offers consulting, project management, technology management and administrative support!

Business Analysis & Problem SolvingBusiness Staff

At Marge Fleck Professional Advisors, we have over two decades of experience assisting business owners faced with all kinds of problems. Located in Cornwall, NY, our professionals aim to improve profits, reduce costs and increase productivity. From solving a specific problem to an entire business operation assessment, let us help you take your business to the next level.

Project Management

Are you looking for a project manager? We will work with you to define and manage your projects by keeping them within budget and meeting deadlines. We understand that managing and implementing projects can be overwhelming. At Marge Fleck Professional Advisors, we can help improve manufacturing processes, provide more effective business administration, and successfully deploy your technology.

Technology ManagementComputer Consulting Support

Managing the cost of technology is often challenging. Whether you have Microsoft Office products, business accounting tools or production management systems, Marge Fleck Professional Advisors will help you get the most from your systems. Call us today to learn more!

Bid Response Support

As a full service business management firm in Cornwall, NY, Marge Fleck Professional Advisors is ready to help you grow your business. Stand out from the crowd and address your clients' needs in a professional manner. MFPA can help you prepare effective responses to bid requests creating proposals that address the client’s requirements. After you win the business MFPA can continue to help, from generating client ready reports to presentations, we do it all.

Administrative & Back Office Support

We can also help you set up your and maintain your bookkeeping, establish auditable contract management processes, develop complex spreadsheets and more. Trust Marge Fleck Professional Advisors for high quality administrative and back office support.

Call Marge Fleck Professional Advisors in Cornwall NY today at 845-458-6214.